“I’ve been a fan of Shige since 2004. His attention to detail and creativity are always evident. I also appreciate his willingness to share traditional non-sushi Japanese dishes. I am curious about all things Japanese and feel that it’s sad we only get to experience sushi, recently some Ramen, from such a rich culinary obsessed culture.” 

Tony Najiola, Chef/ Owner, Central Market Restaurant


Washoku – Nature, tradition, and community; the art of Japanese cuisine


Made with care from the finest seasonal ingredients, presented in an artful composition, and served with deep respect, Shige Sushi & Izakaya brings the real Japan to Sonoma Valley.

Raised in Tokyo, proprietor Shige Mori was immersed in a food culture much more nuanced than we see on a typical Japanese menu. Here and at his Cotati location they bring that food and philosophy to an American audience. You can choose from the finest sushi made from both staple and unusual fish as well as small plates and traditional donabe that capture the essence of washoku. While the menu is always rooted in Japanese fundamentals of flavor, specials are inspired by the season, the catch, and the harvest, and there is always something new to enjoy. A collector’s menu of premium sake will complement your meal and seasonal specials feature local fare.

Toki and Shige Mori







“Shige and Toki are such hard workers and are always so consistent with the food they serve. We believe they have some of the best sushi in the county that is served in a warm and soulful place. Even with the extremely high quality of food that they serve, the restaurant is never pretentious and the prices are incredibly reasonable. They have all of the same qualities of a restaurant that we strive for.”

Andrew Truong, Chef/ Owner, Terrapin Creek Café & Restaurant